The most powerful tool for growing your business is already under your roof. It’s your people. They are the culture, and this governs your level of success. Not all businesses understand this. But the ones who do – are going to own the future.

Work Wellbeing Index

Find out how a wellbeing culture in the workplace contributes to your bottom line

We are Skills Consulting Group. We’re an international team of experts in learning & development, workplace wellbeing and education consulting based in New Zealand and working with clients around the world.

We live and breathe workplace capability. We work closely with industry. We help organisations upskill their workforce. We assist countries to drive their economic growth.

And right at the core of everything we do is People.

Through the Skills Consulting Group’s network of specialist services and brands, we will work with you to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of your organisation and your people.

It’s our goal to grow people well.


Relationships: The best investment you’ll make

Relationships: The best investment you’ll make

The great American poet Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel". It’s not the name on your business card, your bright new suit or even a big ...
Helping companies improve the worthwhileness of roles

Helping companies improve the worthwhileness of roles

Our 2021 Work Wellbeing Index discovered that although the majority of New Zealander’s feel that having a job that makes them feel worthwhile is important, less than half feel that their current role makes them feel worthwhile. Yet we know that a job that ...
A focus on Māori and Pasifika employees

A focus on Māori and Pasifika employees

Our 2021 Work Wellbeing Index discovered that the expectations and demands of wellbeing are not being adequately met for Māori and Pasifika. In fact, there is a large gap between what is important to this group and what is being offered, especially when it comes ...
The Comeback of Work-based Learning

The Comeback of Work-based Learning

Over the last 150 years, the steady expansion of university education across the developed world has led to a large and highly educated workforce. This has happened in lockstep with higher per-capita GDPs and globally interlocked service-based economies. Upwards ...

People Capability Consulting

All our solutions are pragmatic, immersive and have real-world applications. From learning & development strategy and advisory, through to e-learning solutions or leadership coaching, it’s all designed to improve performance and business results.


Our experts in managing people and nurturing wellbeing in the workplace, are able to advise and implement solutions that have a huge impact on the people in your team and your reputation in the marketplace.

Vocational Education Consulting

Our range of consulting services have helped organisations and nations around the world – by designing, developing, and implementing specialist tools and education-based frameworks to upskill their workforce, build capability and drive growth.

Digital Learning

We design learning solutions that improve workplace training and overall staff efficiency. We can help streamline your training programmes and improve your capability through the smart design of courses and use of technology. 

Training and Courses

We have a range of tailored leadership, management, sales and technical trades training. With our in-depth knowledge of apprenticeships, qualifications and certifications, we can advise and implement the right training for your business​.


Skills Consulting Group’s global footprint extends up from our Southern Hemisphere base through the Pacific Islands into Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North America. We’re proud of our deep APAC coverage, spanning territories from the Cook Islands to Papua New Guinea, and we’re always growing.


Hands-on Knowledge of Industry

We know industry. And we have covered everything from trades through to banking, contact centres and business management. Which means we are the go-to for top tier HR strategic consulting, leadership & development programmes as well as, learning resources, digital training solutions and workplace wellbeing and much more.

Our work

We work in partnership with clients from all over the world – from governments and international organisations to education providers, individual companies and industry associations. Come take a look at our work.

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Our experts

Our experienced consultants bring a level of experience, expertise and working knowledge that delivers the right people development solutions. Meeting the needs of our clients – using our professional know-how and capability in workplace learning, leadership development, learning technologies and employee wellbeing – that’s what makes us unique.

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