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Are you ready to Reshape, Rethink, Reset?

Discover what you can expect at APAC TVET FORUM 2022 – innovations in work-based learning  


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There is no doubt that the upheaval of the pandemic, acceleration of technology, and the inescapable impact of the climate crisis have changed the future of work. It is more important than ever that we move forward in a way that is sustainable, ethical and fit for purpose. APAC TVET Forum on the 14th and 15th September 2022, hosted by Skills Consulting Group, Te Pūkenga and New Zealand Education will address these issues and more.

On the job skills training has always been essential to equipping a workforce with an appropriate tool-box of skills, but with the current, unprecedented speed of change, vocational training and upskilling have become the key to making sure teams globally are prepared and able to respond professionally and at speed.

The theme of the APAC TVET Forum 2022 is Rethink – Reshape – Reset. This online, interactive event puts the spotlight on 30 speakers and panellists from 12 countries as they share their innovations and insights relating to skills shortages – with a view of getting young people work-ready and making sure teams are prepared for ongoing change.

Bridget Dennis, GM of Global Markets for Skills Consulting Group, spoke to us about the event, and why she is excited and optimistic for the future.

“The APAC TVET Forum is a unique event in that it brings together government officials, educators, and industry/employer representatives to discuss skilling our people. The challenges we face, operating in a new post-Covid world need to be understood by all. Only together can we strengthen our TVET and skills development systems and programmes to create better working lives for individuals, stronger businesses and industries; and more prosperous economies.

As we pass through the ages, the world appears to be moving faster than ever, especially in the Asia Pacific region. The global pandemic has brought on profound changes in the ways we communicate; the ways in which we operate, learn, and work.

This year’s theme of “Reshape – Rethink – Reset”, acknowledges this and allows us the time and space to really look at what we need to do differently in TVET.

Across the Asia Pacific region, we face many challenges including skills shortages; engaging youth in vocational education; ensuring training keeps up with industry needs and more. It is time to rethink the way we have delivered vocational education – to find ways to make our systems more flexible and personalised to allow learners to upskill or reskill at a time and in a form that works for them. We need to provide pathways in and out of the education system to allow for new ways of learning and working. All these topics and more will be discussed at the APAC TVET Forum. We’ll hear experiences from across the region and be able to share our thoughts and learn from each other.

I’m particularly keen to attend the “Micro-credentials” panel discussion (speakers from Australia, China, New Zealand and Tonga), which are increasingly seen as a way of delivering and recognising bite-sized chunks of learning to either replace or complement more traditional qualifications. There will also be networking opportunities, Q&A sessions with experts, and the chance to hear from those truly passionate about making a difference in skills development.

Last year we had representatives from 61 countries attend. With all of these great minds together in one place – sharing knowledge and ideas – imagine the difference we can all make in creating better working lives for people around the world!”

APAC TVET Forum 2022 is a live, online event on 14th, 15th September 2022. FREE to attend, register at

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