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Flexibility the key to success in the new world

Like all firms, we at Skills Consulting Group are navigating our way through the challenges of the current COVID-19-imposed landscape. We find ourselves in a somewhat privileged position; working across multiple locations and time zones is part of our business as usual. This means that the roadblocks that have setback others are unlikely to impact us to the same degree.

A good example of this is our recent work in Samoa. One of our consultants, Wyn Hughes has been working with the Samoan Qualifications Authority, collaborating on a policy and guidelines for the registration of trainers in Samoa.

Skills Consulting Group also conducted consultation workshops in Samoa, visiting tertiary providers, Government Ministries, non-governmental organisations, and employer association groups. These consultations generated valuable stakeholder input that will directly influence the policy. All of the input was collated and presented to the Samoan Qualifications Authority. This led to discussions that helped frame the policy and the procedures that will operationalise it.

It was at this point that COVID-19 stopped all travel which necessitated a new approach to the project. After reviewing the project plan, our consultant quickly identified what aspects of the project could continue whilst working from back in New Zealand and what tasks need to be rearranged. As a result, we have been able to keep the project going to the extent that the Policy and Guidelines will still be delivered according to the original timeframe. We have continued working with our partners in Samoa by working collaboratively online.

With the remaining outputs of the project including training aspects, we are looking at options for online delivery after recently having success in another project where we delivered three days of online training. We are in constant communication with our partners in Samoa and will decide the method of delivery closer to the time. Whilst here at Skills Consulting Group we understand the importance of face to face delivery, we are ready to deliver online solutions if restrictions remain in place. Fortunately, our skillset and flexibility enable us to continue our projects and deliver outputs.

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