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At Skills we see in you what others often can’t. Potential. But potential is nothing until it is turned into a skill. We want to turn your potential into skills. Skills that will give you choices and freedom.

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We help turn your potential into Skills.

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Your service spirit doesn’t just clock out. It shines in everyday life.

You’re naturally drawn to helping othersYour knack for helping doesn’t just define a career – it shapes a fulfilling, impactful life.  

From foundational courses right through to higher level qualifications, we can help you find yourself in hospitality, healthcare, cookery or pre-police and defence force training.


You are great at seeing the world differently.

You have a unique perspective. Your eye for style and trends may mean you can redecorate your bedroom to reflect your unique style, or you love creating for your Insta or TikTok.

If nails, hairdressing or being a barber tweaks your interest, we can get you started!


Challenges? You see them as puzzles, waiting for your hands-on genius to solve!

Maybe you are constantly tinkering with gadgets and devices, finding ways to make them work better or last longer.

From plumbing and gasfitting to electronic security and electrical we can help you on your way. 


Taking on an apprentice is a game-changer!

You’ll be passing on your knowledge and sharing your love for the industry.

When you’re eager to see the business grow through mentorship – it’s time to welcome an apprentice into your team.

We can help manage all your electrical or plumbing and gasfitting apprentice training and training agreements.