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Government FernMark licence boosts real estate training internationally

Skills Consulting Group recently became the first service-based company to receive a New Zealand FernMark License.

Skills International recently became the first service-based company to receive a New Zealand FernMark License.

The FernMark was granted for Skills Consulting Group’s innovative online real estate training programme. The programme allows people to begin their real estate training before migrating to New Zealand. The result of which, allows them to gain the ability to work in real estate significantly faster.

The FernMark is the Government’s official ‘country of origin’ accreditation programme, designed to protect and promote high quality New Zealand products to the world. Applicants must meet with a high-standard of eligibility criteria before being granted the licence. In doing so, the programme developed by Skills Consulting Group’s has received the New Zealand Government official ‘tick of approval’.

Bridget Dennis, General Manager of Skills Consulting Group commented: “We are extremely proud to share with our clients and customers that the training programme now carries the FernMark trademark, and to be the first service-based company to be awarded the licence. Having the licence will enhance the programme, increase the benefits it provides, and provide reassurance for prospective trainees.”

The training programme is online, making it easy for participants to access it from the comfort of their home and from any country in the world. Once payment has been received a link to the platform is sent out within two days, and all nine modules are accessible for the next twelve months – although completion of the programme is expected far sooner.

The modules cover topics including methods of sale, how to establish yourself in the market, property legislation and land ownership and titles. The course content is aligned with the New Zealand National Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson) (Level 4). After completing the modules, the final part of the process is to have a two hour face-to-face interview once the participant has arrived in New Zealand.

If successful, trainees can then be awarded the National Certificate in Real Estate, meaning they can apply for a salesperson’s licence from the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) and be up and running in the New Zealand real estate industry in a matter of weeks after arrival in New Zealand.

Receiving the FernMark for the programme represents a mark of trust for those searching for ways to hit the ground running in real estate in New Zealand. The fact that the FernMark licence has up until this point been exclusively granted to product-based companies is another bonus for Skills Skills Consulting Group Logo VerticalInternational.

Sarah Morgan, Marketing Manager, NZ Story commented on this, saying: “We are very pleased to offer Skills Consulting Group a licence for their real estate training programme as it meets with all the criteria of the Programme. The Real Estate Course is a great example of providing offshore ‘out of the box’ training for migrants. We hope that the trademark will boost the programme’s international presence and increase the number of skilled real estate professionals entering the country.”

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