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Our 2021 Work Wellbeing Index discovered that although the majority of New Zealander’s feel that having a job that makes them feel worthwhile is important, less than half feel that their current role makes them feel worthwhile. Yet we know that a job that makes employees feel worthwhile is important for their levels of satisfaction and key to employee productivity.   

“With great awareness and understanding around the importance of wellbeing and a clear link between wellbeing and workplace satisfaction, effectiveness, and overall life satisfaction, it’s more important than ever for employers to address the wellbeing needs of employees. The employers and managers who are getting it right are the ones that recognise that every person in their team has different needs and they put in place tailored solutions that show a real understanding of the individual and what’s going on in their world.”
Jane Kennelly, Skills Consulting Group General Manager of Wellbeing

We have taken a deep-dive into how workplace satisfaction increases employee effectiveness and motivation and how workplace wellbeing plays a pivotal role in this. Our report asks:  

  • What areas of work-life should organisations be focusing on to improve workplace satisfaction? 
  • How we can raise the wellbeing score of all organisations by focusing on certain elements of workplace satisfaction 


To download the report for free and learn how to improve employee productivity by improving employee wellbeing, download the report for free via the link below.

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