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How Red Badge Security transformed their team’s expertise into qualifications

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With Skills Consulting Group’s QualMatch model, you can get your employees’ skills formally recognised in national qualifications. We’ll help you follow Red Badge Security’s path or map a new process just for you.

Nationwide firm Red Badge Security provides total security and event solutions across three divisions: Security Guards, Event Security and Event Hosts.

Looking to get their security officers’ skills recognised with the New Zealand Certificate in Security (Foundation) Level 3, Red Badge partnered with Skills Consulting Group (SCG) to develop a QualMatch model. The SCG assessment solution team got to work right away.

The first step in their process was to conduct an initial discovery workshop with Red Badge to talk through their training and induction processes. They also picked up any relevant training and assessment documentation.

From there, the assessment solution team used Red Badge’s documentation to conduct a gap analysis against their chosen qualification. This helped point out areas that needed updating in Red Badge’s training, and highlight requirements for new assessment resources.

After identifying that QualMatch would work for Red Badge, the SCG team began to align Red Badge’s internal induction and training for security officers to the qualification. By developing supporting verification and assessment questions, SCG were able to recognise Red Badge security officers’ day-to-day workplace skills and knowledge.

From early 2021, Red Badge officers began obtaining their official New Zealand Certificates in Security (Foundation) Level 3. Initial feedback on the subjects covered and the integration of assessments into team development has been very positive. With the easy-to-use model, Red Badge has invested in their team and had their capability recognised at a national level.

“The real value in this approach is that we are working more closely with our teams to develop and recognise competency,”

says Andy Gollings, CEO of Red Badge, “The outcome of this is a more engaged workforce, greater teamwork developed through the training delivery model and an anticipated improvement in workforce welfare and retention”.

A significant improvement on their previous approach, the new QualMatch model has aligned assessments with the natural phases of staff development, and has been well received by the Red Badge management team.

We can help you unleash potential in your organisation with QualMatch.

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