Find out what New Zealanders really want from their workplaces, how employers can support their wellbeing, and how wellbeing contributes to your bottom line with the 2021 Skills Consulting Group Work Wellbeing Index. To make the index, we heard from nearly 1500 employees and 104 HR managers across 11 industries throughout New Zealand.

Employee wellbeing will become far more important in tomorrow’s workplaces


Over the last 12 months, employee wellbeing has becoming increasingly important to New Zealand workplaces. Our panel of employees and HR managers says not only is it important – it’s permanent. Those who feel this way make up 56% of employees and 76% of HR managers interviewed.


of employees are expecting employers to put a greater focus on employee wellbeing.


of HR managers are expecting employers to put a greater focus on employee wellbeing.

A sense of wellbeing in the workplace leads to higher levels of employee motivation and effectiveness


People who believe their employer has a ‘wellbeing culture’ are more satisfied in their roles. And as their satisfaction increases, so does their motivation and effectiveness.

Dissatisfied in the work place

Satisfied in the workplace



  • 27% 27%
  • 13% 13%
  • 95% 95%
  • 93% 93%

New Zealand employers have an opportunity to increase employee wellbeing


Kiwis perceive that their employers are doing reasonably well – but there is room for improvement.


Overall, New Zealand has a wellbeing score of 62 out of 100. This score gives us an understanding of employer performance and overall wellbeing. The below six key drivers show us where wellbeing can be improved.

We can measure workplace wellbeing with six key drivers.

Company’s genuine care

The company I work for genuinely cares about my wellbeing.

Manager genuine care

My manager genuinely cares for my wellbeing.

Enabling care of my own wellbeing

The company enables me to care for my own wellbeing.

Enabling care of others' wellbeing

The company enables me to care for the wellbeing of others.

Team members/colleagues care

Team members/colleagues care about my wellbeing.

Structures and programmes

The company has structures and programmes that ensure my wellbeing at work is cared for.

We’ve learned that genuine care has the biggest impact on driving overall wellbeing. So improving wellbeing means demonstrating genuine care for your people.

Learn how to activate the benefits of greater employee wellbeing, satisfaction, and effectiveness through genuine care.

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