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Mapping the University Of The South Pacific, Fiji’s Diploma To NZ Standards

When Pacific TAFE wanted to align their qualifications to the New Zealand equivalent, they contacted Skills Consulting Group.

The first of 19 qualifications between Skills Consulting Group and Pacific TAFE have now been aligned to give graduates access to more career and education pathways.

Thanks to Skills Consulting Group, Pacific TAFE’s Diploma in IT (Level 5) has been aligned with New Zealand’s Diploma in Information Technology – Support (Level 5).

To align the two programmes, Skills Consulting Group mapped out the content of the Pacific TAFE Diploma in IT before undertaking a gap analysis of the two qualifications to see if there were any areas missing. They found there was broad alignment between the two, with only two learning areas needing contextualising to the Fijian environment – The Treaty of Waitangi and the Constitution of Fiji.

Once these areas were addressed, the two qualifications were aligned, and an NZQA recognised qualification can be awarded to Pacific TAFE graduates.

As this is the first of many programmes the two organisations plan to align, it will not only help validate and endorse the Pacific TAFE’s programmes by equating them with the closest NZ nationally recognised qualification but also provide a strong signal to employers that Pacific TAFE can provide work-ready graduates with internationally recognised qualifications.

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