Organisational Development

Organisational development

Skills Consulting Group are committed to working with you to create the change required to make a difference in your organisation and lift performance. Our consultants have proven hands-on experience in building high performing teams. And at the heart of all that we do to help you grow – is People. We connect your people with great strategy, good practice, and leading technology solutions.

“He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata”

“What is the important thing in the world? It is the people, the people, the people”

Who are we?


As Organisation Development Consultants with Skills Consulting Group, we facilitate and design programmes that encompass, cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development, delivering both in-person and online solutions to our clients. We work across multiple industries with clients from construction, local government and the wider public sector, listening to understand the challenges for the organisation and identifying solutions to raise workforce capability and create learning opportunities for their people.

Supporting the growth and development of individuals, teams and organisations through a holistic approach, we are motivated to help drive a collaborative, supportive, safe and inclusive environment for all.

As consultants, we bring fun and engagement, we interact with people to draw out their knowledge and experiences and use these insights to support learning. Our evidence-based solutions are positive and encourage connectivity. These solutions have been shown to deliver ROI (return of investment) and help achieve the people, performance and productivity goals for organisations.

Our Approach?


We are real and have proven tools in our kete (box) to help us listen to what keeps you up at night around your people and organisational needs. We enjoy hearing about the successes of others we work with as we radically connect (whanaungatanga), partner and grow individuals, teams, and organisations to achieve their purpose and goals. We understand this fast-changing environment, so we bring a “high tech and high touch people focus with positive impact” on your waka (boat) to support and enable your goals.

People are truly at the centre of how we roll, and this truly matter to us. We love co-creating, developing, delivering sustainable solutions with our clients who become our long-term friends. We reach the hard-to-reach diversity of people in an inclusive way with feedback to continuously improving our products and service delivery.

With our trusted advisers, we aim to shift and lift hearts, mindsets, and behaviours from where people are at to sustainable changes of being high performing teams and leaders, with current case studies to share. We believe the wellbeing of people is at the heart of good business and performance.

We’ll take you on a journey of our whānau and explain how we roll.

Our services

Leadership Development

We work with your team to enhance the capabilities of your people, utilising learning frameworks to best improve individual and overall organisational performance.


We are exclusively licensed to deliver the Sirdar boardroom development solutions in New Zealand.

Change Management

Our focus is to support you in identifying and rolling out effective change initiatives that will enable your people to transform and become more agile.

Strategic Planning

We work with you to help you identify or reimagine your organisation’s vision, values, mission, and market. The aim being to create a platform for operational efficiency and growth.

Coaching for transformation and performance

Our transformational coaching model enables the development of personal growth and confidence alongside the organisations strategic vision.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness starts with understanding the value of who people are and where they come from.


Digital credentials are online verified digital badges that showcase the skills a learner has achieved in courses or training. In addition they support a culture of recognition that’s meaningful and relevant.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is essential in every business, no matter the size. For smaller organisations, this may be straightforward, but losing a highly valued team member can be just as disruptive if not more so when considering the ratio of leavers to employees.

Leadership from a Māori lens

Cultural awareness starts with understanding the value of who people are and where they come from.

Shifting and lifting conversations

Resolving conflict in a positive manner is a skill that can be grown and practiced. Listening to someone who wants to be heard is one of the most important goals for someone engaged in conflict.

Skills Consulting Group Our experts Lesley O’Dwyer

Our experts

Our experienced consultants bring a level of experience, expertise and working knowledge that delivers the right people development solutions. Meeting the needs of our clients – using our professional know-how and capability in workplace learning, leadership development, learning technologies and employee wellbeing – that’s what makes us unique.

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