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Recognising the gap between HR managers and employees

Our 2021 Work Wellbeing Index discovered that HR managers believe their company performs better than employees do across all areas of workplace wellbeing. HR managers have an overall Work Wellbeing score of 79/100 versus just 62/100 for employees.

“When it comes to how employees truly feel about their employer’s approach to workplace wellbeing, Kiwi HR managers have a far rosier view on where things are at than those working in their organisations do.” 
Jane Kennelly, Skills Consulting Group General Manager of Wellbeing

We have chosen to deep-dive into this topic and highlight the gap between what HR managers believe they deliver and employees’ wellbeing expectations. Our report asks:

  • How can HR managers deliver wellbeing initiatives that cater to the unique needs of their individuals and organisation to provide genuine care?
  • How has the world changed, impacting what individuals expect from their workplace’s wellbeing culture?
  • How can we recognise this disconnect and close the gap?


To learn how to recognise the disconnect, download the report for free via the link below.

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