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Recognising the Gap Between Office Based and Non-Office Based Employees

Our 2021 Work Wellbeing Index discovered that office-based workers have a significantly higher workplace wellbeing score than their non-office-based colleagues. Office-based employees have an overall Work Wellbeing score of 65/100 versus just 59/100 for non-office-based employees. 

“Traditionally, programmes have addressed wellbeing overall within an organisation. But, for instance, face to face counselling may not work for some or access to services that are only in normal office hours just isn’t workable. For workers who do shift work or people who are always mobile and working in different locations, such as tradies for example, the delivery channel needs to be much more flexible.”  
Jane Kennelly, Skills Consulting Group General Manager of Wellbeing

We have chosen to deep-dive into this topic and highlight the gap between the support non-office-based workers require verses the support office-based workers require. Our report asks: 

  • How can we recognise this disconnect and close the gap?
  • What specific needs do different employees have?
  • How can organisations provide genuine care to a workforce of office-based and non-office based employees?

To learn how to recognise the disconnect, download the report for free via the link below.

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