We align roles and capabilities within your team to qualifications. Because we know the value of having skills recognised, we’re here to help transform on-the-job learning into formal qualifications – supporting the growth of your organisation and your people.

WHAT IS Name of programe

Programme Name] is the Skills Consulting Groups (SCG) offering to improve literacy and numeracy skills within New Zealand workplaces.

The programme is funded through New Zealand’s Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), which provides educational services. This includes administering the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) Fund.

The Workplace literacy and Numberacy Fund

The fund helps make it possible for employers to: 

  • Provide high-quality literacy and numeracy programmes that are customised for their workplace.
  • Address productivity problems where the root cause is in the literacy and numeracy skill levels of employees. 


By benchmarking training to a nationally-recognised standard with QualMatch, you can:

Encourage career progression and retention 

Improve recruitment

Strengthen your brand

Increase your workforce’s flexibility

QualMatch supports all learner types, and clearly links learning with on-job activity.   

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