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‘Stay Interview’ Could Hold Key to Holding On To Employees

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Eighty seven percent of Kiwi workers who responded to a LinkedIn poll say that having a ‘stay interview’ could make all the difference to them staying in their role rather than heading for the door.   

But 64% of those workers say they’re only staying if the company acts rather than listens and does nothing.

The poll of 97 workers was the result of a LinkedIn poll from workplace wellbeing experts’ Skills Consulting Group and showed that of those surveyed there was a feeling that their workplaces needed to do more to keep them from quitting.

“This presents an opportunity in disguise,” says Jane Kennelly, Skills Consulting Group’s GM Wellbeing. “Our Work Wellbeing Index resoundingly shows that an employer showing ‘genuine care’ is one of the top things that can improve worker wellbeing and retention. Yet surprisingly, the question that often follows from an employer is; How do we show genuine care?”

“So here’s an idea. Why not take the concept of an exit interview and flip it? Rather than talk to people as they are on their way out the door, why not check in with your employees by conducting a ‘stay interview?  This will create a forum to actively and regularly listen to why employees like being in their job and, it will signal what they might want to change.”

Kennelly says there is no question that The Great Resignation is real, not imagined. It is a big concern for businesses in this post-pandemic environment and it calls for front-footing with open dialogue rather than hoping it will mysteriously disappear and not affect your business.

“There is so much pressure on people right now,” says Kennelly. “Not only at work but also at home, financially, family and health-wise. So instituting something as simple as a stay interview could be an impactful way to show that the organisational ears are turned on and genuine care is the driver.


Questions to ask in a stay interview

  • What are the things you really enjoy about your work?
  • What are the things you enjoy about your workplace?
  • What are the blocks or obstacles that impact you doing great work?
  • Do you have the right tools to do your job?
  • In your opinion, what do you believe we should stop doing?
  • What do we need to start doing?
  • What do we need to continue doing?
  • You spend a high percentage of your week at work – so what suggestions do you have as to ways we can enhance your sense of wellbeing?
  • Is there anything else at all, that you would like to mention?

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