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Team Building, Leadership Training, Workshop Facilitation

Skills Consulting Group Team Building, Leadership Training, Workshop Facilitation

Team building gets everybody working together.

For a business to be successful, it’s essential to build a resilient, purposeful team of people who work well together and who get along with each other. Everyone wants to work in a friendly environment. We achieve excellent results for our clients with our tailored team-building programmes, corporate days out, and activities that encourage people to work collaboratively toward a shared goal.

We translate theory into practice, and build genuine connections with people around how they like to work, and the strengths that each person brings. We find ways to leverage those strengths to get great outcomes at work. We find that experiential learning gets the best results.

How to build an effective team

Modern workplaces are increasingly nimble, collaborative environments. Ideally, motivated individuals take responsibility for their work and their workplace relations, knowing they are valued and respected, and make a positive contribution to their team as a whole. This in turn results in optimal performance for the business.

There are also workplace environments where things have turned sour. Perhaps a poor dynamic is resulting in a high turnover of people; there’s conflict, resentment, and low productivity.

Building an effective team for your organisation involves us working with you to customise a practical team building programme that delivers results. At the organisation level, these include better staff retention, reduced conflict, and improvements in workplace productivity.

Workplace teams we work with experience change for the better in levels of communication, motivation, negotiation, collaboration, mutual trust and respect, and a reduction in interpersonal conflict and disputes.

Great teamwork is productive and enjoyable

A happy workplace team is a productive team. We design team development programmes that are meaningful as well as enjoyable to participate in. These combine group activities, teamwork games, and fun challenges. Team days can take place indoors, or out in the wilderness New Zealand is blessed with. Think flying foxes and mudslides – and no roleplays!

With us alongside, your team members can learn how to depend on each other, and how to work together to solve problems. They can get to know each other, and learn how to tolerate differences. They develop the confidence to do well and take on new challenges, knowing they are valued by the organisation they work for.

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