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The “Leader Within” programme

Client: Major Public Sector Agency

Project: The “Leader Within” programme


This ongoing flagship programme and its resources were designed and developed by the agency from 2011. Skills Consulting Group, previously known as Tocker Associates, has provided specialist training development and support for the Leader Within programme by:

  • establishing Lominger competencies;
  • selecting candidates;
  • contracting other providers;
  • facilitation and leadership of workshops;
  • leading initial Action Learning Groups and communities of practice;
  • assisting in evaluating the programme.


A formal evaluation of the programme was completed by Tregaskis Brown in 2012. The key findings of the assessment were:

  • The programme design has been successful in achieving the desired goals.
  • Participants were more confident and competent managers and leaders as a result of their participation in the programme.
  • Participants were promoted and/or took on greater leadership challenges.
  • The programme created an enduring learning cohort and participants embraced ongoing learning.

The 2012 formal evaluation, informal feedback from 2013 participants, and feedback from the mentor group confirms that the Leader Within programme is meeting the objective of growing and developing leadership capability.

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