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The realities of Psychological Safety at work

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  • Are people truly encouraged and enabled to speak up in the workplace?
  • How do we ensure diversity and inclusion is a reality and not just a tick box? 
  • What do you need to think about when working in the Metaverse?  

These are challenging questions and no doubt we’d all like to believe our workplaces are as safe as we say they are.  

In this third Wellbeing Intelligence Webinar, Melissa Crawford challenges our thinking around the realities of workplace psychological safety both now and in the future. She covers everything from hybrid working, burnout, diversity, and inclusion to the Metaverse.

To listen to the webinar, here

Melissa Crawford is a leading Expert in the Future of work. With a rare skillset crossing people and technology, Melissa is able to navigate across both fields to look at how to understand and optimise the intersection of both.

Her career to date has included senior roles across NZ’s largest organisations crossing a variety of industries including Air NZ, Fonterra, BNZ, The Warehouse Group, The Countdown Group, ASB, AUT and Vector.

Melissa has two technology degrees, including a Masters of Technological Futures and is the first Certified Metaverse Expert in New Zealand.

On the people side she is passionate about people and organisational psychology and caring for the heart of people.

Melissa was a recent winner at the 2022 HRNZ awards, winning the HRNZ Leadership Award 2022 and the overall Winner of HRNZ HR Person of the Year 2022.

Melissa is currently the Director of Tech with Heart, consulting to organisations on Future of Work strategies and initiatives. Keynote speaking at global conferences and supporting people and technology projects that have a future focussed lens. Melissa also coaches a select number of Exec and Senior leader clients, upskilling them on the latest trends, technology and thinking around the future of work.

Melissa brings passion and kindness to the work she does and is a regular initiator of Random Acts of Kindness in the workplace.

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