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Thought Leaders and People Leaders

Client: Major Public Sector Agency

Project: Leadership Development Programme – Front-Line Leaders and Emerging Leaders (Thought Leaders and People Leaders)


We designed and implemented this leadership programme which was tailored to support the foundations of the successful leadership careers of thought leaders and people leaders within the agency. The programme’s goals were:

  • To “kick-start” the development of those entering into their first leadership role, and lift the capability of experienced or existing leaders by providing a formal development opportunity for leader and emerging leader cohorts.
  • Develop successful leaders with the right capabilities, a common language, and the tools to lead themselves, teams, projects, and the organisation.
  • Align the programme with the strategic needs of the agency – including strategic direction and vision, relevant people and business processes, existing leadership frameworks and the State Service Commission’s Leadership Success Profile (LSP).
  • Lift staff engagement and performance and improve overall staff retention across the agency through effective leadership.


We ran a pilot in early February 2016, and by the end of June 2016, 132 thought and people leader participants had completed the programme.

The programme we implemented included face-to-face workshops, trio coaching groups (more practical for those based in regions), BAU actions, and pre and post workshop tasks and discussion.

Excellent feedback has been received from within the agency about the programme. Workshops are ongoing and as requred.

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