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Unique pilot programme for Vietnam

Skills Consulting Group is currently helping Hanoi Vocational College of High Technology (HHT) and Vinh Long University of Technology Education (VLUTE) give their electrical graduates an education pathway to complete their training in New Zealand, and gain a New Zealand recognised qualification.

What this means is that both colleges will be able to deliver students more international job prospects, and also help boost the Vietnamese economy by training graduates with new and improved earning potential.

Skills Consulting Group has worked with each college to firstly map their qualification to the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering Theory and Practice (Trade; Level 4), and then modify their training programmes to ensure that all the necessary knowledge and theory components of the NZ qualification are taught to their Vietnamese students.
Once they get to New Zealand, students who graduate with the Vietnamese qualification can then have this training count towards their NZ qualification. Better still, the students can also earn an income while they complete their NZ qualification, through a paid apprenticeship.

At Skills Consulting Group, we introduce students to potential employers by enlisting them in our Skills Job Match programme. Through this programme, we set students up on job interviews with local Kiwi employers. Once a student has a job offer, they can apply for a visa to come to New Zealand. And once in New Zealand, they’ll spend between 12 and 18 months completing the New Zealand qualification and sitting their exams, providing the opportunity to become registered New Zealand electricians.

Though the finer details are still being finalised, Skills Consulting Group, HHT and VLUTE hope to have the programme up and running with the first students arriving into New Zealand later this year/by the end of 2019.

To deliver students more international job prospects

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