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Upskilling staff brings value to both people and to businesses

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It is all too easy when you notice a skills gap in your business to call Human Resources and start a recruitment drive. But your existing employees are already invested in the company, so why not bring them up to speed and build capability within your current team? 

‘Everyone remembers when they were just starting out in their careers; to become skilled and experienced someone had to invest in them,’ says Josh Williams, one of our Principal Consultants here at Skills Consulting Group. 

‘Vocational education, especially delivered in the workplace, has some key advantages because it develops those ‘real world’ employability skills that help someone later-on – things like teamwork, communications and self-management,’ says Williams. People already advanced in their career can benefit from vocational training, as well. 

‘We know that people are looking to reskill and upskill; to change careers, or return to the workforce after a break – all of which are increasing because of changes in technology as well as employment disruption caused by COVID 19,’ says Williams. ‘An advantage of on-the-job or digital learning is that people can gain new skills to fit around their life circumstances.’ 

Williams notes that not everyone has the time or the money to learn outside of work. They want to be invested in. 

‘Workplaces make excellent classrooms and learning-by-doing is a very effective way to gain new skills and confidence with new technologies,’ says Williams. 

Supporting your existing staff to move into new roles also has the advantage of improving morale and wellbeing, as research shows in our 2021 New Zealand Work Wellbeing Index –a survey of 1446 employees and 105 HR managers across the country. The results identify that staff members want to feel valued and looked after and that, when they do, they’re 68 per cent more motivated and 80 per cent more effective.  

Bridget Dennis, Skills Consulting Group’s Senior Vice President – Global Markets, believes that short, flexible courses are the future worldwide, especially as they support people and businesses as they work in rapidly changing technology or acquiring specialised skills.   

‘Along with providing micro- credentials, these bite-size courses provide official recognition from partner institutions. They allow for both a staff member and their employer to tailor training around personal interests, time, and the business needs.’ 

Investing in employees through training is a great way to improve confidence and self-esteem, improve businesses efficiency and output, and position a brand as one that values its staff. 

With tailored advice and support, Skills Consulting Group implements programmes to improve your people capability. We will work within your time constraints budget, with results that are often more time and cost effective than recruiting new people. Learn more  



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