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Vanuatu Increasing In-Country Lab Efficiencies

Saravina Matan has joined the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) team in Wellington from her home in Vanuatu and is working in the Animal Laboratory sector. Since being in New Zealand, Saravina has enjoyed the weather and walking along the waterfront in Wellington on a sunny day. She has also enjoyed exploring Te Papa museum, the botanical gardens, and meeting new, friendly people.

Saravina is learning a lot from her colleagues at MPI. “The most beneficial part,” she says, “is learning new things each week within each section in the Laboratory”.

Within the first three weeks Saravina had gone through sections on bacteriology, immunology, and specimen samples. She even had the opportunity to conduct an ELIZA test, which she’d only ever come across before in theory.

On her return to Vanuatu, Saravina plans to apply the things she’s learned at MPI. Her new knowledge and capabilities will allow her to test samples collected in Vanuatu there, instead of having to send them abroad for disease diagnostics. She will also be well equipped to test, identify and treat sick animals. Saravina feels privileged and grateful for the experience she has had while in Wellington and is looking forward to returning home with new skills.

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