Digital Credentialing

Digital Credentialing

The business landscape is forever evolving requiring new skills, knowledge, and capabilities. 

Digital credentials are online verified digital badges that showcase the skills a learner has achieved in courses or training. These credentials make it possible to create a culture of recognition in your organisation that’s meaningful and relevant as well as an opportunity to showcase your staffs’ achievements and abilities to your customers.

Our approach

Skills Consulting Group has been delivering standards and assessments for programmes on the New Zealand Qualification Framework, and off-framework, in New Zealand and internationally for many years. 

By providing quality assurance of your existing training programmes, we can provide independent verification of the quality of learning, and support you in developing digital credentials that are managed on Credly, the world’s largest digital credential provider platform. 

Organisational Benefits

Independent verification of your learning programmes and a suite of digital credentials, will enhance your employment brand, and increase employee retention and engagement. In addition, it will give customers an assurance that your employees have the skills and capabilities to deliver a quality product or service. 

Information on specific learning outcomes of each of our leadership modules is included in our Digital Credentialing brochure.  

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