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People Capability Consulting

Our People Capability experts assess the competency skills of the people in your team, organisation or workforce – and provide you with the right learning programmes, leadership development or individualised training to meet your exact needs.

Workforce Capability

Leadership Development

Workforce Capability

We work closely with you to develop solutions that deliver tangible results. Our consultants provide expert advice and services to help you build and enhance the capability within your workforce.

Learning & Development Strategy & Advisory

We provide guidance and strategic advice around the learning & development needs within your business. So, you can achieve your goals by building the capability within your team.

Competency Frameworks

We can help you establish technical and behavioural competency frameworks for your organisation or industry. These frameworks set the key behaviours and competencies organisations would like to develop throughout the employee life cycle.

Career Pathways

We have expertise in developing programmes that can transition youth into employment, or provide pathways to more senior roles within an industry or organisation, which as a result grows skills and improves staff retention.

Foundation Skills And Transition To Tertiary Education

Foundation skills are the core skills people need when transitioning into the working world, community or further education. They include numeracy and literacy, as well as basic skills like teamwork and good communication. 

We can help you develop programmes that equip your people with these foundational skills, setting your organisation up for long-term success. 

On-Job Learning And Assessment

We have a long history of working in New Zealand’s vocational education market in on-job learning and assessment, both in the trades and corporate market. This means we’re well equipped to develop solutions that meet your organisation’s unique needs.

Continuing Professional Development Programmes

We have the expertise to help your staff maintain their professional proficiency in a world that’s in constant state of change and flux.

We specialise in developing on-going training programmes that allow industry members to gain new skills and knowledge that will equip them for success.

Alignment to national or international standard

We review all your existing training programmes and qualifications, and align these to New Zealand or international standards. This can help strengthen your training offering and enhance labour mobility.

Leadership Development

We provide services in leadership support and business management – all backed by leading-edge research. Because we are constantly learning and ensuring that what we offer is based on the most up-to-date data, our clients know they will receive the very best, tailored solutions in leadership development.

Coaching Executives

We help executives go from strength to strength, dealing with challenges and achieving their professional and personal aspirations.

Strategic Planning

We help our clients develop plans to guide their business direction. We help with setting goals, allocating resources, identifying gaps in capability and competencies, as well as managing change.

Tailored Leadership Team Training

Improving leadership skills is key to a team truly achieving great things. We work with our clients to identify the training that is needed to achieve those goals.

Our work

We work in partnership with clients from all over the world – from governments and international organisations to education providers, individual companies and industry associations. Come take a look at our work.

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Our experts

Our experienced consultants bring a level of experience, expertise and working knowledge that delivers the right people development solutions. Meeting the needs of our clients – using our professional know-how and capability in workplace learning, leadership development, learning technologies and employee wellbeing – that’s what makes us unique.

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