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Vocational Education Consulting

We are a team of vocational education and learning & development experts. And what we do is work with you to find the right solutions to help build the skills of your people, your teams, your workforce. Finding solutions that hit the mark and bring you tangible results.

We use international best practice to design and implement tailored solutions that develop Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and strengthen the education system within developing countries. With our proven expertise in education frameworks, we are able to establish the fundamental needs of a country’s education system, set in place key foundations that are transformative and achieve the required outcomes, as well as drive economic growth and prosperity.

So that the workforce can achieve its full potential, and ultimately transform the lives and prosperity of those at its very core – its people.


Policy and Research

Learning Design

Quality Assurance

Training and Upskilling

Policy and Research

Our consultants have an innate knowledge of education policy, practice and research. Their work with policymakers, researchers and educators from different industries and different nations around the world means they have the expertise and experience to ensure that solutions suit the environment and meet the brief.

TVET Policy Development and Reform

Education has a decisive impact on the destiny of individuals and the success of economies. 

We work closely with government agencies in NZ and around the world to ensure policy enables strong vocational education and workforce development outcomes. 

We specialise in developing and reforming (TVET) frameworks, apprenticeships, and on-job learning and assessment to positively impact the working lives of people around the world. 

Apprenticeship and Internships Frameworks

On-job learning is key to upskilling your workforce.

Apprenticeships and internships provide governments and employers with a cost-effective way to boost productivity and upskill a workforce using real-world experiences.  

At Skills Consulting Group, we work closely with our partners to put in place frameworks that make an apprenticeship or internship programme a real success, whether at a national or organisational level.

Workforce Planning

Understanding the skills that your labour market needs, and developing the workforce to meet that, leads to better livelihoods for people, as well as economic and social prosperity.

Skills Consulting Group can help identify your future workforce needs and develop plans for your organisational development.  From research and reporting that informs your strategic planning, to learning and development strategies – we work with you to develop this at an organisational, industry or country level.

Qualification Framework and Alignment to International Frameworks


Skills Consulting Group brings you quality education frameworks, internationally recognised qualifications and the credibility of working to international standards.

Youth Transition

The COVID crisis has made it a challenging time for young people to enter the workforce. An increasing number of people are not in employment, education or training.  Skills Consulting Group supports programmes and policies to connect young people to employers, jobs,  and engagement in education and training. That’s about developing the foundational and employability skills that provide real and lifelong career pathways.

Learning Design

We design, develop and implement tools and frameworks that build the capability of teams, workplaces, organisations and nations around the world. We work with you to find innovative solutions that achieve world-class results in learning design.

Learning Design

We provide organisations with practical, user-friendly vocational training materials and software, designed to meet the needs of busy teams.

Our experienced team of instructional designers and vocational education specialists will work closely with you to identify and develop effective and engaging solutions. Solutions that are relevant to your work environment, that will achieve your desired results and that can be delivered through multiple channels.

Competency Frameworks

We can help you establish technical and behavioural competency frameworks for your organisation or industry.

These frameworks put in place the key behaviours and competencies for high-performing individuals and helps organisations set recruitment, performance management, and training & development.

On-Job Learning and Assessment

Our long history of working in New Zealand’s vocational education market in on-job learning and assessment – both in the trades and corporate market –  means we’re well-equipped to develop solutions that meet your organisation’s unique needs.  We can support you to develop learning and assessment programmes, as well as build the capability to deliver these.

Continuing Professional Development

The world we operate in is constantly evolving and people need to upskill to meet this change. 

We have expertise in developing on-going training programmes which help industry members maintain professional proficiency as well as gain new knowledge and skills.

Skills Consulting Group Vocational Education Youth transition and work readiness programmes icon

Youth transition and work readiness programmes

Skills Consulting Group is committed to working with young people from all walks of life to get them started on a career that works for them.

We provide a wide range of proven youth employment services that support young people into employment – and can help you implement one of our existing programmes or work alongside you to develop a bespoke programme.

Foundation and Soft Skills

Foundation skills are the skills that are essential to participate in the workplace, the community and in education and training.  These are things such as language, numeracy and literacy skills, as well as employability skills like communication and teamwork.  

We can help you establish programmes that build fundamental, portable skills, as well as the people skills, personality skills, and communication proficiencies that your workforce needs for the long-term success of your organisation.

Indigenous Education

Indigenous communities across the globe are often over-represented in negative education, health and employment statistics. We will work closely with you to provide programmes that support the success of indigenous communities in vocational education.  Leveraging our success in NZ, we will partner with your community to co-develop programmes that improve indigenous learner outcomes, build indigenous approaches to workforce development, and ultimately support the improvement of economic outcomes for indigenous communities.

Technical Solutions

Skills Consulting Group understands that no two organisations are alike, so that is why our team is made up of vocational education, assessment and digital experts who will work with you to develop learning systems that are unique to your needs. 

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of having robust quality assurance processes in place in all areas of vocational education. Our consultants work with you to develop and implement system-wide internal and external quality assurance processes, procedures, policies and guidance – all tailored to suit the unique environment you work within.

Assessment & Moderation Solutions

We work with organisations to develop assessment and moderation solutions to determine individual competence.  We specialise in workplace-based or on-job assessment, using evidence models that enhance the quality and consistency of assessments and learning outcomes. 

Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks

Monitoring and evaluation of training institutions and education programmes is critical to not only ensure compliancy and fit-for-purpose, but also to allow skill development initiatives to grow and continuously improve.  

Skills Consulting Group uses international best practice to design tailored monitoring and evaluation frameworks, providing a holistic review right through the process and customised to your organisation’s needs.

National occupational standards

With 25 years of experience as a standard setting body in New Zealand across up to 22 industries –  and having worked with numerous governments around the globe to develop national occupational standards –  we are highly experienced in the development of qualifications.

We are able to develop occupational standards that directly link to formal qualifications and accreditation frameworks, as well as those that support career development and progression.

Alignment to international standards

Skills Consulting Group can review existing training programmes and qualifications, as well as align these to the New Zealand standard – helping countries, organisations and training providers to strengthen their training delivery and enhancing labour mobility options.

Learning Design

Skills Consulting Group are learning specialists. Which means we can help you build learning solutions that empower your learners to reach their full potential while ensuring your organisational objectives are also achieved.

Training and Upskilling

We can enable you to facilitate effective adult learning from understanding learning styles and needs of others, through to structuring and delivering workshops such as Train the Trainer.

Capability Development

Skills Consulting Group provides face-to-face and online workshops and coaching to build in-house capability for our partners. This includes;

  • Adult Education Train-the-trainer
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Moderation

Programmes can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation and learners.

Scholarships Design and Management

Skills Consulting Group is experienced in the field of scholarships, from programme design right through to implementation.  

Once a scholarship programme is designed, we can also provide project management services, from managing application processes to identifying high quality scholars from around the world logistical organisation, and facilitating training and pastoral care for scholars.

Our intimate knowledge of the tertiary education market and close relationship with NZ industry means we have an unparalleled ability to find the right training programme for scholars to achieve their learning outcomes.

Study tours

We provide tailored training programmes and study tours specifically designed for your delegates. Our study tours provide an opportunity to gain insights into the NZ market and how our country operates,  and customised to the learning needs of your delegates. 

And while Covid-19 constrains travel at the moment, Skills Consulting Group can arrange a virtual study tour, complete with live guest speaker presentations, interactive online networking lounges and resource libraries.

Education conference design and management

Education is built on the premise of sharing knowledge and know-how, and conferences are a powerful medium for this.  Skills Consulting Group designs, manages and hosts education-related conferences in both virtual and in-person formats.  We will work with you, from conception to delivery, to ensure your conference delivers for all.

Our work

We work in partnership with clients from all over the world – from governments and international organisations to education providers, individual companies and industry associations. Come take a look at our work.

Our experts

Our experienced consultants bring a level of experience, expertise and working knowledge that delivers the right people development solutions. Meeting the needs of our clients – using our professional know-how and capability in workplace learning, leadership development, learning technologies and employee wellbeing – that’s what makes us unique.

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