Vocational Education Consulting

New Zealand’s Vocational Education System

With emerging legislative changes like the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE), New Zealand’s VET landscape is changing fast. It blends public providers, private providers and employer-led learning across multiple channels to produce a highly integrated vocational education system. Our expert consultants can help you understand where it’s headed.

We are a team of vocational education and learning & development experts. And what we do is work with you to find the right solutions to help build the skills of your people, your teams, your workforce. Finding solutions that hit the mark and bring you tangible results.

We use international best practice to design and implement tailored solutions that develop Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and strengthen the education system within developing countries. With our proven expertise in education frameworks, we are able to establish the fundamental needs of a country’s education system, set in place key foundations that are transformative and achieve the required outcomes, as well as drive economic growth and prosperity.

So that the workforce can achieve its full potential, and ultimately transform the lives and prosperity of those at its very core – its people. 

Policy and research

Our consultants have an innate knowledge of education policy, practice and research. Their work with policymakers, researchers and educators from different industries and different nations around the world means they have the expertise and experience to ensure that solutions suit the environment and meet the brief.



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learning design

We design, develop and implement tools and frameworks that build the capability of teams, workplaces, organisations and nations around the world. We work with you to find innovative solutions that achieve world-class results in learning design.


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quality assurance

We understand the importance of having robust quality assurance processes in place in all areas of vocational education. Our consultants work with you to develop and implement system-wide internal and external quality assurance processes, procedures, policies and guidance – all tailored to suit the unique environment you work within.


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training & upskilling

We can enable you to facilitate effective adult learning from understanding learning styles and needs of others, through to structuring and delivering workshops such as Train the Trainer.


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We align roles and capabilities within your team to qualifications. Because we know the value of having skills recognised, we’re here to help transform on-the-job learning into formal qualifications – supporting the growth of your organisation and your people.


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Piki ake

Better literacy and numeracy skills lead to better communication with both customers and colleagues, increasing efficiency in handling tasks and instilling greater confidence – ultimately contributing to New Zealand’s economy. 


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Our work

We work in partnership with clients from all over the world – from governments and international organisations to education providers, individual companies and industry associations. Come take a look at our work.

Our experts

Our experienced consultants bring a level of experience, expertise and working knowledge that delivers the right people development solutions. Meeting the needs of our clients – using our professional know-how and capability in workplace learning, leadership development, learning technologies and employee wellbeing – that’s what makes us unique.

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