Learning design

We design, develop and implement tools and frameworks that build the capability of teams, workplaces, organisations and nations around the world. We work with you to find innovative solutions that achieve world-class results in learning design.

Learning Design

We provide organisations with practical, user-friendly vocational training materials and software, designed to meet the needs of busy teams.

Our experienced team of instructional designers and vocational education specialists will work closely with you to identify and develop effective and engaging solutions. Solutions that are relevant to your work environment, that will achieve your desired results and that can be delivered through multiple channels.


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On-Job Learning and Assessment

Our long history of working in New Zealand’s vocational education market in on-job learning and assessment – both in the trades and corporate market –  means we’re well-equipped to develop solutions that meet your organisation’s unique needs.  We can support you to develop learning and assessment programmes, as well as build the capability to deliver these.

Youth transition and work readiness programmes

Skills Consulting Group is committed to working with young people from all walks of life to get them started on a career that works for them.

We provide a wide range of proven youth employment services that support young people into employment – and can help you implement one of our existing programmes or work alongside you to develop a bespoke programme.

Indigenous Education

Indigenous communities across the globe are often over-represented in negative education, health and employment statistics. We will work closely with you to provide programmes that support the success of indigenous communities in vocational education.  Leveraging our success in NZ, we will partner with your community to co-develop programmes that improve indigenous learner outcomes, build indigenous approaches to workforce development, and ultimately support the improvement of economic outcomes for indigenous communities.

Competency Frameworks

We can help you establish technical and behavioural competency frameworks for your organisation or industry.

These frameworks put in place the key behaviours and competencies for high-performing individuals and helps organisations set recruitment, performance management, and training & development.


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Continuing Professional Development

The world we operate in is constantly evolving and people need to upskill to meet this change.

We have expertise in developing on-going training programmes which help industry members maintain professional proficiency as well as gain new knowledge and skills.

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Foundation and Soft Skills

Foundation skills are the skills that are essential to participate in the workplace, the community and in education and training.  These are things such as language, numeracy and literacy skills, as well as employability skills like communication and teamwork.

We can help you establish programmes that build fundamental, portable skills, as well as the people skills, personality skills, and communication proficiencies that your workforce needs for the long-term success of your organisation.


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Technical Solutions

Skills Consulting Group understands that no two organisations are alike, so that is why our team is made up of vocational education, assessment and digital experts who will work with you to develop learning systems that are unique to your needs. 

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