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Our consultants have an innate knowledge of education policy, practice and research. Their work with policymakers, researchers and educators from different industries and different nations around the world means they have the expertise and experience to ensure that solutions suit the environment and meet the brief.

TVET Policy Development and Reform

Education has a decisive impact on the destiny of individuals and the success of economies.

We work closely with government agencies in NZ and around the world to ensure policy enables strong vocational education and workforce development outcomes.

We specialise in developing and reforming (TVET) frameworks, apprenticeships, and on-job learning and assessment to positively impact the working lives of people around the world.

Workforce Planning

Understanding the skills that your labour market needs, and developing the workforce to meet that, leads to better livelihoods for people, as well as economic and social prosperity.

Skills Consulting Group can help identify your future workforce needs and develop plans for your organisational development.  From research and reporting that informs your strategic planning, to learning and development strategies – we work with you to develop this at an organisational, industry or country level.

Youth Transition

The COVID crisis has made it a challenging time for young people to enter the workforce. An increasing number of people are not in employment, education or training.  Skills Consulting Group supports programmes and policies to connect young people to employers, jobs,  and engagement in education and training. That’s about developing the foundational and employability skills that provide real and lifelong career pathways.

Apprenticeship and Internships Frameworks

On-job learning is key to upskilling your workforce.

Apprenticeships and internships provide governments and employers with a cost-effective way to boost productivity and upskill a workforce using real-world experiences.

At Skills Consulting Group, we work closely with our partners to put in place frameworks that make an apprenticeship or internship programme a real success, whether at a national or organisational level.

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Qualification Framework and Alignment to International Frameworks

Skills Consulting Group brings you quality education frameworks, internationally recognised qualifications and the credibility of working to international standards.

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