Quality assurance

We understand the importance of having robust quality assurance processes in place in all areas of vocational education. Our consultants work with you to develop and implement system-wide internal and external quality assurance processes, procedures, policies and guidance – all tailored to suit the unique environment you work within.

Assessment & Moderation Solutions

We work with organisations to develop assessment and moderation solutions to determine individual competence.  We specialise in workplace-based or on-job assessment, using evidence models that enhance the quality and consistency of assessments and learning outcomes. 

National occupational standards

With 25 years of experience as a standard setting body in New Zealand across up to 22 industries –  and having worked with numerous governments around the globe to develop national occupational standards –  we are highly experienced in the development of qualifications.

We are able to develop occupational standards that directly link to formal qualifications and accreditation frameworks, as well as those that support career development and progression.

Learning Design

Skills Consulting Group are learning specialists. Which means we can help you build learning solutions that empower your learners to reach their full potential while ensuring your organisational objectives are also achieved.

Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks

Monitoring and evaluation of training institutions and education programmes is critical to not only ensure compliancy and fit-for-purpose, but also to allow skill development initiatives to grow and continuously improve.

Skills Consulting Group uses international best practice to design tailored monitoring and evaluation frameworks, providing a holistic review right through the process and customised to your organisation’s needs.

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Alignment to international standards

Skills Consulting Group can review existing training programmes and qualifications, as well as align these to the New Zealand standard – helping countries, organisations and training providers to strengthen their training delivery and enhancing labour mobility options.

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