We align roles and capabilities within your team to qualifications. Because we know the value of having skills recognised, we’re here to help transform on-the-job learning into formal qualifications – supporting the growth of your organisation and your people.


We turn skillsets into qualifications

QualMatch is an assessment model which Skills Consulting Group uses to benchmark evidence of learning and skills from your workplace to qualifications from the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) framework.

You’ll receive a suite of formal assessments unique to your organisation. When your staff have completed these to the required level, they’ll be awarded the New Zealand Certificate in your organisation’s qualification strands.


Helping your staff to receive national recognition for the skills and training they do in their everyday work is something that pays for itself in no time at all. Here’s why:

Encourage career progression and retention

Staff feel more valued and are more engaged. Lower turnover rates protect organisational knowledge and reduce recruitment and training costs. It also helps to boost morale and improve company culture.

Ensure consistency in training

Regardless of the trainer, your staff are learning the key information they need to succeed in their roles.

Ensures consistency in performance

Everyone receives the same level of training and ends up with a similar level of expert knowledge.

Reduces error rates and re-work

This saves your business money and protects your brand name

QualMatch supports all learner types, and clearly links learning with on-job activity.   


Some of the clients we’ve helped include:

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