training and upskilling

We can enable you to facilitate effective adult learning from understanding learning styles and needs of others, through to structuring and delivering workshops such as Train the Trainer.

Capability Development

Skills Consulting Group provides face-to-face and online workshops and coaching to build in-house capability for our partners. This includes;

  • Adult Education Train-the-trainer
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Moderation

Programmes can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation and learners.

Study Tours

We provide tailored training programmes and study tours specifically designed for your delegates. Our study tours provide an opportunity to gain insights into the NZ market and how our country operates,  and customised to the learning needs of your delegates.

And while Covid-19 constrains travel at the moment, Skills Consulting Group can arrange a virtual study tour, complete with live guest speaker presentations, interactive online networking lounges and resource libraries.

Scholarships Design and Management

Skills Consulting Group is experienced in the field of scholarships, from programme design right through to implementation.

Once a scholarship programme is designed, we can also provide project management services, from managing application processes to identifying high quality scholars from around the world logistical organisation, and facilitating training and pastoral care for scholars.

Our intimate knowledge of the tertiary education market and close relationship with NZ industry means we have an unparalleled ability to find the right training programme for scholars to achieve their learning outcomes.

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Education conference design and management

Education is built on the premise of sharing knowledge and know-how, and conferences are a powerful medium for this.  Skills Consulting Group designs, manages and hosts education-related conferences in both virtual and in-person formats.  We will work with you, from conception to delivery, to ensure your conference delivers for all.

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