Youth Transition and Employability

Improve the career prospects of youth

Support the development of youth employability programmes and career pathways

It’s not easy to be young in today’s labour market. There are an increasing number of young men and women who aren’t in employment, education or training. Skills International provide a wide range of vocational education and youth employment services to support workforce capability development around the world. We have expertise in the research, development and delivery of programmes for governments, businesses and community organisations wanting to address the global issue of youth unemployment.

What we can do for you

We believe in partnering with you to develop bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs. We want to help make it possible for young people to build the skills necessary to gain and keep paid employment and create careers.

  • Research, analysis and identification of the needs in your youth labour market (including areas of skills shortages)
  • Development of Youth Employment Programmes which include both hard and soft skills, enabling youth to become work ready
  • Addressing barriers to employment including drivers licencing, CV writing and employability skills
  • Capability building, including development and delivery of training activities for facilitators
  • Mentoring and pastoral care models including soft skills training and our 90-day post-employment model to increase youth retention
  • Partnering with organisations and the business community to support youth employability
  • Linking qualifications to Youth Employability frameworks

Examples of our work

Youth Foundation Programme, Myanmar

Skills International worked with the Ministry of Education in Myanmar to develop foundation qualifications and a delivery system for vulnerable out-of-school and working youth. The National Vocational Foundation Certificate (NVFC) will be a part-time, modular-based training programme, equivalent to lower secondary education, that will allow youth to return to formal education. It will also provide essential skills for entry-level jobs. Training modules were developed to meet the requirements of local employers including soft skills, vocational skills and essential education (e.g. maths and digital skills).

Pathfinder Programme, Cook Islands

Working with long term partners in the Cook Islands, we designed an employability programme for high school students. The Pathfinder events were created to provide career information with students in an informative, engaging way, and to provide authentic workplace experiences. Employers were encouraged to share what they were looking for, while the local tertiary provider profiled their training courses. Over two days the programme had local facilitators conduct a series of interactive workshops and guest speakers developed connections with the youth from local schools and their families. It also provided insight into the careers available on the island.

Red Shirts, New Zealand

Skills was extremely proud to work alongside The Warehouse and the Ministry of Social Development to deliver The Warehouse Red Shirts in Community programme. The programme offered young people not in education, employment or training the chance to take part in 3 weeks of work experience in The Warehouse stores across New Zealand, while completing 10 unit standards in NCEA level 1 and 2. After completing the programme, they were helped by Skills Navigators to gain employment and mentored for up to 90 days to increase their job retention. As the programme partner, we ensured the smooth running of the project and that participants had a valuable learning experience which prepared them for paid employment.

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