Critical incident support

Critical incident support

A critical incident is an unexpected event that causes suffering and loss and where the impact goes beyond the bounds of normal stress and which triggers a traumatic stress reaction.

This service is included within Instep EAP.

Our approach

As part of the Instep EAP service, we offer comprehensive support and assistance to minimise the disruption and distress associated with incidents of trauma, violence or crisis.

Our approach is to quickly provide you with specialised on-site support to ensure the psychological safety of your team.

Organisational Benefits

  • Delivering support quickly after an event can minimise emotional suffering and medical or legal issues that may arise later.
  • Employees, given the right support, are more able to return to a normal work pattern than those that don’t get help.

Personal Benefits

  • Having support at the time of a traumatic event can potentially limit the long-term impacts of what happened.
  • Individuals will also get tools and strategies to support themselves and others.

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