Professional supervision

Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision is an external mentoring support programme that assists employees to work through work-related issues and grow personally and professionally.

Our approach

Our qualified Professional Supervisors provide your employees with a safe and confidential space to prepare for, and debrief on, work-related issues. 

It is a means for an organisation to ensure the safety, confidence and competence of their employees who deal with challenging work situations.

It provides an individual with tools for stress resilience, communication, debriefing, managing difficult conversations, work/life balance, boundary and ethical issues. 

Organisational Benefits

  • Professional supervision provides a safe way of dealing with work issues.
  • It improves internal and external relationships, communication, and professionalism.
  • Ultimately it can increase productivity and effectiveness in complex work situations and reduce staff turnover.

Personal Benefits

  • Individuals will benefit personally and professionally as they work through sensitive work-related issues and high-risk situations.
  • They will also learn how to create boundaries, communicate their needs, and identify / tackle challenging ethical issues.

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