TextPulse is an evidence-based virtual wellbeing system. It uses two-way text messaging, backed up by artificial intelligence and one-on-one human interaction with Wellbeing Angels to proactively check in with staff, allowing for early intervention and support with wellbeing challenges.

Our approach

Individual wellbeing and organisational success go hand-in-hand.

TextPulse is a hi-tech solution based on clinical and behavioural science, backed up by one-on-one human interaction. It requires no downloaded apps or extensive user training. It is simple to implement and you can begin using it immediately to integrate wellbeing support for staff into your day-to-day operations.

For more information on how TextPulse can work for you check out our information flyer. 

Organisational Benefits

  • Provides real time wellbeing checks

  • Makes staff feel safe and supported

  • Demonstrates genuine care

  • Simple and fast to implement

Personal Benefits

  • Provides early intervention ensuring a small problem doesn’t become a big one
  • Employees can rely on confidentiality of the system
  • People get quick access to support when needed
  • Simple to use and highly accessible

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