Wellbeing Navigators

Wellbeing Navigators

Our Navigators work to integrate wellbeing into your organisational culture by identifying the specific needs of your business and people. The aim is to design solutions that achieve positive behavioural change, create a strong and motivated culture and support business success.

Our approach

  • Using evidence-based methodologies that provide data in relation to work wellbeing, we will provide insights and recommendations to bridge the gap between your organisation’s current and desired well-being outcomes
  • Identify the appropriate wellbeing solutions that meet your business’ unique needs
  • Develop a customized wellbeing strategy and programme
  • Connect your business to evidence-based, best practice wellbeing solutions that will drive change
  • Implement sustainable solutions that engage employees and create positive change

Organisational Benefits

  • Transparency around where the organisation is at in terms of wellbeing and identification of the wellbeing needs of employees

  • The creation of a structured and well-thought-out wellbeing strategy that delivers results

  • The development of a culture that meets the wellbeing needs of employees and thereby enabling them to work at their optimum level

  • Identification of wellbeing solutions that meet the specific needs of the business, and therefore optimizing the return on investment in wellbeing

  • Upskilling of leaders to ensure they have the skills necessary to support a wellbeing culture

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