General Manager – Transitional ITO

Alexandra Vranyac-Wheeler

General Manager of Skills International Bridget Dennis

Deep experience across both public and private sectors

Alex is an experienced people leader and senior manager in a range of industries and organisations (not-for-profit, commercial and government agencies), with a credible background in business strategy, people leadership and business transformation.  Passionate about contributing to the greater good by working with and through people, processes and systems to get the desired outcomes.  She is experienced in strategy and leading transformational change within businesses and across ecosystems working across both management and governance roles. Her successes are bought about through building agile business models that sustainably build future geared businesses, built on strong relationships and networks. 

Alex is currently our General Manager –Transitional Industry Training Organisation. In this senior leadership role she is leading the transformational change programme impacting on business model, customers and industries, staff, and capability over an 18-month period.

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