Partnership Manager

Ben Castleton

General Manager of Skills International Bridget Dennis

More than a decade of experience in business development and training

When it comes to training and mentorship, Ben’s success lies in his belief in positive psychology and the creation of safe spaces that allow people to express themselves. His passion for training is rooted in the concept of education as the key to unlocking social and economic benefits, allowing people to reach new heights both professionally and personally.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Ben has worked with four different higher education providers, delivering new education products and connecting business owners with training opportunities for their staff. Most recently he worked with Churchill College to establish the VET school programme, and for Skills Recognition International delivering training directly to leadership and management students.

Although most of Ben’s training and mentorship programmes are delivered online, he is a big believer in people before tech. Kindness, empathy and listening to people to help identify needs and targets are cornerstones of his practice. Putting people first is essential in his delivery style, and his modern, wellbeing focus is essential to delivering quality student outcomes.

Ben holds several diplomas himself, including management, strategic leadership, international business and training and assessment. He is an advocate of lifelong learning and aims to inspire others to continue along that path with his dynamic yet relatable and authentic course delivery.

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