Selections Support Administrator

Cerelia Diprose

Streamlining processes for productivity and high-quality outcomes 

As Selections Support for Skills International, Cerelia Diprose supports the process of selecting recipients to receive tertiary scholarships to study in New Zealand.  Applying set criteria and administering comprehensive testing, she supports the end-to-end selection process through to the final placement of successful scholars with training providers, ensuring the process is fair and equitable and runs smoothly within the tight timeframes of the programme.

With a background in process improvement, Cerelia is highly skilled in streamlining processes to ensure greater productivity and quality outcomes. In 2020, Cerelia transitioned the process for our client to be both paperless and virtual, which was a crucial change for the year.  She has also developed a comprehensive reporting package allowing clients to gain insights into both the scholarships programme and the developing nations they are supporting.

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