Evangeleen Joseph

General Manager of Skills International Bridget Dennis

Promoting positive social outcomes in Aotearoa

Evangeleen Joseph is a Vocational Consultant for Skills Consulting Group, providing advice on employment and educational achievement to promote positive social outcomes in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Evangeleen is passionate about building cultural awareness of Maori and Pacific cultures and uses this passion as a guide to advise internal and external clients on leadership development and course implementation. At Skills Consulting Group Evangeleen manages relationships with key stakeholders, learners, and employers, while also establishing new connections and contracts.

Drawing on her five years of experience in project managing qualification development, unit standard development, and programmes of industry training, Evangeleen is an expert in project and accountability management. Evangeleen is also skilled in writing professional and academic reports, narratives and proposals, and provides coaching and mentoring to internal staff, external clients and through voluntary work.

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