Wellbeing Service Manager

Fiona McCracken

General Manager of Skills International Bridget Dennis

Connecting through  a  calm,  solution-focused approach

With a background in counselling in an EAP setting and the addiction sector, Fiona is well placed to understand the support our service delivery team need to provide safe and efficient services to our clients. She has extensive experience working with people experiencing risk and brings a calm, solution-focused approach to the management of her team.

Fiona and her wellbeing team strive to connect clients with a professional provider who has experience or expertise in their particular issue. Working with Skills Consulting Group’s wellbeing team brings together Fiona’s desire to do meaningful work that has a positive impact on the community and her belief that everyone should be safe physically and emotionally at work.

In her own time, Fiona likes to relax by socialising with friends and family. She enjoys home improvement, gardening and a good movie.

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