Joe Robinson

General Manager of Skills International Bridget Dennis

Standard setting expert with diverse sector knowledge

Joe is a collaborative, adaptive and outcomes focused Consultant with Skills Consulting Group. An accomplished facilitator, he works closely with clients across New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Asia, in the development and delivery of national occupational standards and qualifications.  Leveraging his warm and engaging manner, he collaborates with subject matter experts, educational bodies, industry groups and employers to facilitate agreement on industry skill requirements, ensuring these achieve government and regulatory standards as well as the expectations of industry.

Analytical and thorough, Joe is able to research existing frameworks, tools and resources to provide guidance and support in the design of programmes that have a practical and positive impact on industry capability. With experience working across multiple industry sectors from credit and finance, through to health and safety, climate change and the trades, he has been able to quickly learn and understand the vision and goals of these sectors and create solutions that have impact.

Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours, majoring in English and Classical Studies. Along with a love of learning about education frameworks, Joe’s qualification and experience have provided him with robust knowledge and experience of research methodology, qualifications frameworks, competency standards and assessment.


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