Sandy Chan

Skilled in bespoke programme development

Sandy Chan has over 14 years’ experience of leading initiatives in vocational and continuing education in both New Zealand and internationally. She is highly skilled in the development of qualifications and national occupational standards, and in the design of industry training programmes and learning materials. As a Consultant working in the global markets team at Skills Consulting Group (SCG), she brings her experience working in the education sectors in Hong Kong and New Zealand, to develop bespoke workforce development solutions that align to the cultural context of the markets she is working in.

Prior to joining SCG’s consulting team, Sandy held roles including Qualifications Adviser for SCG, working across the security, intelligence analysis, regulatory practice, and health and safety sectors, in addition to her earlier role supporting SCG’s largest client, the New Zealand Defence Force. She joined SCG after nine years of leading teachers and delivering training sessions in Hong Kong. She is fluent in both Cantonese and English and is known for her ability to work across diverse stakeholder groups, understanding clients’ needs and aligning these to solutions developed.

Sandy is a member of the overarching working group for Vocational Pathways in New Zealand, informing decisions that shape vocational education from secondary through to tertiary programmes. She holds a Graduate Certificate in TESOL and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Media Studies from Victoria University of Wellington, based in New Zealand.

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