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Stephen Waters

Skills Consulting Group Meet Our Consultants Stephen Waters

Experienced business leader and consultant.

Stephen is an experienced business consultant who has worked across a range of industries including education, banking, manufacturing and ICT before joining Skills Consulting Group.

As a business leader, certified information systems auditor, with a comprehensive background in business, IT operations and management, Stephen brings unique insight into strategy, integration and operations. His experience across the various industries in transformation consultancy and business performance has been a great value add to Skills Consulting Group clients.

As a consultant, Stephen works in our Strategic Team and has various responsibilities including:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Transformative change management
  • Strategic support to Association Members at CXO staff level
  • Professional services framework development and support.

Prior to this Stephen was the General Manager for the State Sector, Local Government and Corporate business unit at Skills Consulting Group, leading a team tasked with building the workforce capability in NZ’s public sector and with corporates in the private sector.

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