Senior Consultant

Tania Van Ooyen

General Manager of Skills International Bridget Dennis

Over 15 years coaching frontline and strategic leaders across the country

Tania Van Ooyen is a Senior Organisational Development Consultant for the Skills Consulting Group. Tania is backed by a wealth of experience from three decades in leadership roles at NZ police, formal TMI and coaching training. She specialises in developing leadership capacity with tangible results through strength-based, solution-focused coaching.

Tania brings culturally diverse thinking and an ability to create culturally safe environments to her work. She has spearheaded strategic initiatives focused on problem-solving and upskilling individuals through practical methods. Her most successful results have been achieved by utilising her ability to connect and build meaningful relationships with individuals to get to the heart of what matters. She uses this approach for both individuals and organisations, to design and deliver practical solutions for leaders. The implementation and success of the first NZ Police Virtual Learning course, Youth Aide and Safe To Fail initiatives are a testament to the efficacy and success of her approach.

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