Senior Consultant

Wyn Hughes

General Manager of Skills International Bridget Dennis

Over 15 years of experience in education and project management

With over 15 years’ experience in education and project management roles in New Zealand, Japan and Australia, Wyn is a specialist in learning and assessment design, policy development, and research and analysis.  Since joining Skills Consulting Group, he has successfully implemented a wide range of education projects designed to increase knowledge, performance, and retention and to provide individuals and organisations confidence in the recognition of skills.

Wyn is a qualified and experienced teacher. Together with his years of Learning Management System and Instructional Design experience, he is adept at designing paper-based, blended, and fully online learning and assessment solutions.  Wyn has created solutions for Government Ministries, training providers, industries and corporations around the world, which thousands of trainees have successfully completed.

Being a registered assessor and trained moderator, Wyn brings a unique perspective to designing learning and assessment frameworks and resources. He understands the motivations and drivers for all parties allowing him to balance the needs of client and learners whilst maintaining academic and procedural rigour.

Passionate about developing customised solutions to facilitate staff learning and upskilling, Wyn is highly experienced in running consultation sessions, focus groups, and workshops to gather input and clearly identify stakeholder needs. He then uses these sessions to design systems and processes for organisations.  Most recently he has spent time in the Pacific using consultation sessions to inform the development of national-level policy to help to improve and modernise TVET systems.

Wyn has a strong interest in process improvement and project management which means his advice is often sought from clients, even when not currently engaged in a project.

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