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Work life… with Bridget Dennis

For future-focused Bridget Dennis, who leads our Global Markets team, your organisation’s success depends on getting it right when it comes to skills development       

Our global markets team has gone from strength to strength during the past seven years.  We started with two of us on the team and two foundation clients.  Now a team of 25 people, the Global Markets Division of Skills Consulting Group operates across 30 countries, from the Pacific to Asia and Africa. 

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Recent projects that I’m excited about have made significant impact on workforces. For example we developed a Meister-style qualification in Hong Kong – people can now be taught not only the technical skills required to carry out their trade but they also learn managerial and mentoring skills.  This is designed to lift the level of the qualification to that of a Master craftsperson, increasing not only the individual’s capability but also improving the esteem in which the qualification is held

In Myanmar, we’ve developed foundation programmes designed to help youth not in employment, education, or training to transition into the workforce by equipping them with the skills they need. In Fiji, we’ve put in place quality assurance frameworks for higher education institutions to help strengthen the quality of these institutions. And in Botswana – we’ve worked with the Human Resource Development Council to develop apprenticeship and internship frameworks to help to enable skills development in key industry sectors. 

In times of crisis we’re presented with opportunities. The global pandemic has both disrupted and accelerated workforce trends, including skills and training.  Women and young people have been disproportionately affected, particularly by job losses. On-job learning, however, provides an opportunity to overcome this, and many nations are now recognising the importance of this as an option for upskilling or reskilling their people. There is an opportunity for us to span the formal, informal, and non-formal learning (turning experience into credentials), and bring both the private sector and governments together to create solutions. We can and will make a difference. 

In times of adversity I hit the pause button. It’s important to look back and recognise past achievements and progress you’ve made in your life, to help drive you forward. Also, I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with positive people. 

My inspiration comes from the knowledge that everything we do is about creating better working lives for people everywhere.  I’d like to think that we’re making a small but real difference in the world. 

A dedication to partnership is at the heart of our consultancy business – we work in partnership with our clients – without their input and contribution, we cannot deliver the best outcome. It reminds me of a quote by Mother Teresa: “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”   

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