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In this future-focussed era of tech genius, “working smarter, not harder” is the new mantra. By integrating tech you can streamline your workplace and bolster your bottom line, and this is especially true when it comes to ongoing professional development and/or vocational courses.                            

Skills Consulting Group works with businesses to develop customised digital solutions that meet their workplace’s needs. That might mean that an e-learning platform is integrated into existing digital assets, such as a staff intranet portal. Or it might result in a customised app staff can download so they can learn when suits them best. It could also mean the development of Augmented Reality (AR) packages as well as basic desktop apps, and supporting these solutions with face-to-face delivery and real-time support. 

The creation of digital assets is one thing, but the way they are implemented is key. You need to build a strategy around their use to maximise the benefit they bring to your business. 

“When your strategy is right, your people will thrive,” says Gwyn Thomas, General Manager of Consulting at Skills Consulting Group. “And when implemented well, digital solutions can reduce costs, improve outcomes and open the untapped potential of your people.” 

How digital solutions helped Southern Cross 

New Zealand’s largest independent healthcare network, Southern Cross Hospitals, asked Skills Consulting Group to develop a high-quality assessment programme that could be rolled out across their network of hospitals, specialist centres, and physiotherapy and rehabilitation partners. They wanted to increase the consistency of assessment and reduce administrative costs. 

Skills Consulting Group began by investigating Southern Cross’ culture and values to ensure the solution would be meaningful and valuable to staff. During this initial phase, Skills also discovered how employees preferred to interact with learning products and instead of replacing everything, the existing digital learning system was refurbished to reduce the financial investment required. Remote access, and progress tracking were essential elements Skills Consulting Group introduced. 

The result was an e-learning product that was cost effective, easy to engage with and met the organisation’s needs – an example of Skills Consulting Group’s effective integration of digital solutions into an existing workplace system. “The new resources and learning management system have improved workplace behaviour, internal processes, and learner engagement,” states Carolyn Stewart, National Organisational Development Manager at Southern Cross Hospitals.  

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