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Introducing Skills Consulting Group!

Skills Consulting Group – a consultancy group expert in upskilling people at work – has been launched to the New Zealand and international market. 

The Group houses a number of brands with local and international expertise in learning and development, workplace wellbeing and vocational education consulting.  

“Over the past three decades, we have seen each of those brands in our stable grow steadily to focus on everything from bridging the gap between education and employment, to supporting businesses to put employee wellbeing first, and also helping countries build economic growth by upskilling their workforce,” says Skills Consulting Group CEO, Garry Fissenden 

“In that time, we have naturally expanded to become a broad-ranging consulting group able to take all our expertise, and our suite of highly effective tools, to work with clients and impact people’s lives across industries, across organisations and across the globe.” 

The brands within Skills Consulting Group include: Skills, New Zealand’s largest Industry Training Organisation (ITO); leadership and management training provider, IMNZ; outplacement and career transition experts, CDL Insights; EAP and wellbeing specialists, Instep; and sales trainer, David Forman – as well as an international education consultancy arm and a team of eLearning and education framework experts. 

What we have learnt is that successful workplaces understand that productivity and the wellbeing of people go hand-in-hand. And when organisations thrive, the economy does too,” says Fissenden. 

So that is where Skills Consulting Group has come from and what we have built our successful business on – the values of real and genuine care, and the need for individuals to feel connected to their work. So, ultimately, our business is built on helping our clients deliver that across their business, too.” 

As well as working with clients from across New Zealand and around the world over the past 30 years, Skills Consulting Group has also developed people in the workplace across a myriad of different industries. 

Our point of difference is that we are a large organisation with decades of experience – but we are also able to provide a hands-on approach where we work alongside businesses and industry to meet their individual needs,” says Fissenden.  

Across all the brands that sit within Skills Consulting Group, Fissenden says that the ethos, the values and the key purpose has also remained consistent – to grow people well in the workplace.  

“No matter how big or small the project, with every solution, we are committed to making sure that people and their wellbeing are always at the very centre.” 

To find out more about Skills Consulting Group and how we can help you grow your people well, contact us here. 


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