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Our digital learning services

We design learning solutions that improve workplace training and overall staff efficiency. We can help streamline your training programmes and improve your capability, through the smart design of courses and use of technology.

Our role is to provide organisations like yours with practical, user-friendly training materials and software that meets the needs of your busy teams. We specialise in identifying and developing learning solutions that are pragmatic, immersive and encourage users to think about real-world applications for learning.

From software development to content creation, we work with your subject matter experts to create high-quality training programmes that can be delivered through multiple channels.

We understand that no two organisations are alike and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work well across all industries. That’s why our team is made up of vocational education, assessment and digital experts who will work with you to develop learning systems that are unique to your business needs.


Digital Solutions

Content Creation
& Instructional Design


We create innovative learning solutions

Our team of software experts are ready to work with you to design the right solution to drive improved productivity, capability and higher engagement. We offer a suite of easy-to-use products designed for the modern workforce – to save you time and help your employees learn new skills and improve education outcomes through online learning solutions – and our cloud-based learning management solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes and across a variety of industries.

Educational technologies

Your e-learning solutions need a high-quality delivery platform that’s economical and easy to use. We can create, customise and integrate your Moodle, Matrix or Intuto Learning Management Systems (LMS) to ensure a fantastic user experience.

Custom app development

Our design and tech team can work with you to develop your very own bespoke app (for mobile and web). We provide ongoing support for your apps – so learning can truly be part of your daily business practise.

LMS Technical strategy

When your strategy is right, your people will thrive. We help you to build a sustainable, cost-effective and people-centric LMS technical strategy and roadmap for your organisation.

Implementation strategy

The right implementation strategy can open the untapped potential of your people, reduce costs and improve outcomes. We help you implement your learning technologies, content and maintenance with ease.

Product development

Our depth of expertise allows us to deliver many  bespoke software development solutions from SaaS offerings, Web Apps to conventional desktop applications. We can provide thought leadership and expertise through the whole software development lifecycle.

Virtual and augmented reality

We can help you develop immersive learning experiences using VR and AR technologies. From 360 videos to augmented environments or gamification of onboarding, we can develop rich, memorable educational tools that enable learners to better retain information.


We design pragmatic learning solutions

Our team of content creators and instructional designers are ready to work with you to design the right solutions to drive improved productivity, capability and higher engagement. We work with your subject matter experts to create a range of high-quality learning resources, assessments and tools to suit your teams. Our solutions include paper-based content, e-learning and blended learning, video, games, virtual and augmented reality. 



Our designers make learning exciting and relevant by incorporating new, leading-edge e-learning strategies. We can also help your team  access the same standard of training and information no matter where they are.

Blended Learning

Our team create a suite of online or blended learning products or a niche solution to fit with your existing training solutions. From videos, games and quizzes to virtual meetings, workshops and chat forums – all designed to make your learning engaging and effective.

Learning content strategy

Our experts can help build a Learning Content Strategy that will deliver the right learning outcomes for your business. We evaluate, validate and align that learning to make sure it fits your culture, values and strategy.


We understand what high-quality assessment looks like and work with you to ensure it gives your learners the best chance of succeeding. We find the most relevant way to assess your learners’ ability while reinforcing the learning process.

Instructional Design

Effective learning solutions require first-rate learning content. Our writers will work with your organisation to generate engaging and targeted content in any format, from e-learning materials to training guides and reference manuals.

our customers

We are proud to service customers across a range of industries – from Education & Training to Healthcare to Farming – we have the tools to tailor solutions to what your business needs. Some of our customers include:


Our work

We work in partnership with clients from all over the world – from governments and international organisations to education providers, individual companies and industry associations. Come take a look at our work.

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Our experts

Our Digital Learning and Content Creation experts have broad industry experience and a deep knowledge of qualifications and assessment. Meeting the needs of our clients – using our professional know-how and capability in workplace learning, leadership development, learning technologies and employee wellbeing – that’s what makes us unique.

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