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New Zealand’s cutting-edge vocational education system has big appeal on a global scale

According to latest figures, exports of vocational education consulting services from Skills, New Zealand’s largest industry training organisation, to the Middle East, Asian, African, North American and Pacific markets, along with education contracts for international students based here, were worth more than $10 million last year and are expected to double in the next three to five years – to represent more than a quarter of their annual income.

Garry Fissenden, Skills CEO states, “Government data shows New Zealand has the highest level of on-the-job training in the OECD – our success in this field is a significant asset that is driving multi-million dollar export earnings for the country.”

Garry Fissenden, Skills CEO

“The current New Zealand training model for apprentices is held in extremely high regard globally, and especially in the key Pacific and Asian Markets.

“Our NZQA framework which goes from level one to 10, which is fully integrated from schools right the way through to doctorates is relatively unique internationally – as is the vocational education structure with industry owned training we have in place.

Fissenden says their export division, Skills Consulting Group is the fastest growing part of the business. A fact which is unsurprising given the high esteem with which New Zealand’s vocational education is held on the international platform.

“This overseas market has been developing rapidly as more countries look to adopt the New Zealand model which integrates customised training programme design and implementation for workplaces and employees, assessors and trainers.

Fissenden says that components of the New Zealand vocational educational model have been exported by Skills Consulting Group to more than eight countries including Saudi Arabia, Canada, Africa, Hong Kong, and Vietnam as well as a number of Pacific Island nations by a growing team of local consultants.

Part of the reason for this success is that Skills Consulting Group offers end to end solutions and can meet training and development needs across all sectors for all parties. The fact that Skills is industry owned, means that the solutions it develops are practical, backed by expert knowledge and designed for flexibility.

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